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但是在微软的VS下开发,比较痛苦,尤其是VC6,不过推荐一种插件Visual Assist,这时就有很多类似的功能,支持VS的所有.net版本,VC6,VS2003,VS2005,甚至是VS2008



Refactor Easily

Visual Assist X simplifies large tasks by offering a number of code refactorings. Overhaul huge code bases with a few simple commands, maintain legacy projects, and make your code easier to read and understand.

    * Rename
    * Extract Method
    * Encapsulate Field
    * Change Signature
    * Move Implementation to Source File
    * Add Member
    * Add Similar Member
    * Document Method
    * Create Declaration
    * Create Implementation

Write Code Faster

Long, descriptive names for symbols makes reading and understanding code easier. Typing long names frequently, however, is cumbersome. Don’t waste time! Type a few letters or an acronym for a symbol, and Visual Assist X will display a list of suggestions. Type a shortcut to expand frequently used snippets of code. Visual Assist X has many features to help you code efficiently.

    * Suggestion Lists
    * Acronyms & Shorthand
    * Surround Selection
    * Insert of },),]
    * VA Snippets
    * Format after Paste
    * Multiple Clipboards
    * Insert _ after m and Shift

Read Code Faster

Read code clearly with Enhanced Syntax Coloring, easily find your place in code when switching between views, never miss a closing brace and always know at-a-glance whether symbols are local or stable – all with Visual Assist X!

    * Enhanced Syntax Coloring
    * Local Symbols in Bold
    * Stable Symbols in Italics
    * Highlight Matching {} and ()
    * Column Indicator
    * Highlight Current Line

Navigate Intelligently

Visual Assist X presents components of your code several ways, making it easy to find what you need and make changes. View and navigate huge files at a glance with VA Outline, easily find all references to a method, and much more. Search and Navigation features in Visual Assist X make tackling large projects a manageable task.

    * VA Outline
    * Find References
    * Find by Context
    * Goto
    * List Methods in File
    * Open File in Solution

    * Find Symbol in Solution
    * Open Corresponding File
    * Most Recently Used List
    * Navigate Backward and Forward
    * Move Scope

Identify and Correct Mistakes

The familiarity of spell check, running in your IDE. Instantly spot mispelled words in comments as well as mistyped symbols. You can even check spelling against a custom dictionary. Visual Assist X will repair case errors automatically, and even convert dot to -> when necessary. Most importantly, correct your mistakes before you build.

    * Underline Spelling Errors
    * Underline Mistyped Symbols
    * Highlight Mismatching {} and ()
    * Repair Case
    * Convert Dot to ->

Enhanced IntelliSense

Visual Assist X improves on default IntelliSense with Enhanced Listboxes, parameter information that is frequent and helpful, and hovering tooltips for virtually all symbols. Instantly view the context and definition of a symbol just by clicking on it. Hover over symbols while browsing code to see overrides, other members of its class, related enums, etc. Get the information you need without hunting for it.

    * Enhanced Listboxes
    * Parameter Info
    * Hovering Tooltips
    * Hovering Class Browser
    * Context Field
    * Definition Field

Highly Configurable

Use Visual Assist X the way that works best for you, through an extensive options dialog, context menu, or keyboard shortcuts.

    * Options Dialog
    * Context Menu
    * Assign Shortcuts

Features for VC6

For VC 6 users, Visual Assist X provides several additional time-saving features.

    * Save Unnamed Bookmarks
    * Print in Color
    * RTF in the Clipboard
    * Sort Lines
    * Auto Recovery
    * Bypass Lists After F1




支持VC6的: (特别版,记得用其中的注册码注册)

支持VC.NET2003的: (安装文件与破解文件)

支持VC.NET2005的: (安装程序与破解文件) (经测试VS2008也支持)


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