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name: wupei | male | Birthday: January 1986 | Native Place: Xingtai

Address: Yanjiao, east of Beijing

Tel: *********

E-mail: ******

Personal technology blog:

Self Introduction

I have a passion for relevant software technologies and I’m one of the best in programming in our school.

I have cultivated logical thought and rigorous approach to programming.

I have a good command of JAVA, C/C++ and related development tools.

I did internship in the software company of cell phone game development.

My major focuses on developing J2ME cell phone games.

I took pat in a cell phone game development software corporation for practice in the winter vacation; I learned a lot and accumulate plenty of experience from that company.

The orientation of my major is J2ME cell phone game development which may be an advantage for the job as campus ambassador.


2005/09 – Now: software engineering major, North college of Beijing University of Chemical Technology. (My major focuses on developing J2ME cell phone games.)

Professional skills

Having a good command of JAVA

Being Familiar with J2ME cell phone development, acquainting JSP development

Having a good grasp of Object Oriented Programming

Using Eclipse development IDE proficiently.

Having a good command of C/C++

Using the VC++ IDE

Being familiar with the methods of MFC Programming

Having a good knowledge of design patterns, PHP web develop script, using Joomla to construct origin orders and service web stations, Socket programming and database development


2007-1-15   I was chosen to “Beijing Xianzhang Software Company”, engaged in the items of J2ME cell phone game development, I have learned a lot of knowledge about cell phone programming and cell phone game development and also accumulate plenty of experience.

2007-5-1     I compiled a “steel program management system” for Xingtai China steel clique by suing C++ during my vacation.(about database)

Honor and Awards

2005~2006     I received the third degree scholarship.

2006~2007     I got the third degree scholarship and was endowed the honor of Excellent Student.

My grades at college were all excellent.

Activities in university

2005.09-Now I serve as class commissary in charge of studies.

2006~2007     I won the second place of the C programming contest of our university.


2006/09    I passed the National Computer Rank Examination C++, this examination consolidate my C++ foundation.

Professional organization

I organized the “J2ME cell phone development team”, and construct the web station, I am bounding up in developing cell phone games’ development.

(Daily Click: 120+IP, first page of baidu and google web site)

Project Experience(The works have released on my personal technology blog)

2007/09~2007/10   J2ME cell phone “Battle City”(FC game transplant)

Description: I developed the game individually for the match of “Chuangyou Cup” cell phone development during the period. It’s a pity that my name is off the list. But I felt the misfortune of it, accumulate a lot of experience from scheme to art designing to program during the time I compile it. Quantity of programming codes: 7000 lines.

2007/07~2007/12   MyCatchScreen Green Catch Screen Program (C++, MFC)

Description: At the beginning I was about to finding a desirable Catch Screen Program, but failed. So I decided to develop a Catch Screen Program myself. I renewed it for seven editions during the several months. Up to now, the function is nearly perfect. Meanwhile, it was released in the big software download stations. Quantity of programming codes: 4000 lines.

2007/06~2007/09   the FC transplanting game

Description: The project is promoted by our teacher in order to let us acquaint the flow of PC game development, familiar with PC game development API. Up to now, the project has accomplished 70 percent.


After participate the activities of Sun Tech Days 2007, I felt that Sun pay more attention to technology, I found the distance between my skill and front-line technology, and all these encourage me to go toward the climax technology. Meanwhile if I was chosen to the campus ambassador of my college, I’ll make good use of the advantage of my major to do the job well, and denote myself to Sun and my university.


Thank my friend Liu Ming. Without her help it is impossibility to finish.

Though it is no result….  🙂   No results continue to continue to … just so-so   🙂

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    你的Resume写的很好,特别是Professional Skills。格式再正规一些就更好了。