Windows常见消息列表(windows familiar message)

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WM_ACTIVATE                    Indicates a change in the activation state
WM_ACTIVATEAPP               Notifies applications when a new task is activated

WM_CANCELMODE                Notifies a window to cancel internal modes
WM_CHANGECBCHAIN           Notifies clipboard viewer of removal from chain
WM_CHAR                           Passes keyboard events to focus window
WM_CHARTOITEM                Provides list-box keystrokes to owner window
WM_CHILDACTIVATE             Notifies a child window of activation
WM_CLEAR                          Clears an edit control or combo box

WM_CLOSE                                 Signals a window or application to terminate
WM_COMMAND                            Specifies a command message
WM_COMMNOTIFY                Notifies a window about the status of its queues
WM_COMPACTING                Indicates a low memory condition
WM_COMPAREITEM             Determines position of combo-box or list-box item
WM_COPY                                  Copies a selection to the clipboard
WM_CREATE                        Indicates that a window is being created
WM_CTLCOLOR                           Indicates that a control is about to be drawn
WM_CUT                             Deletes a selection and copies it to the clipboard
WM_DEADCHAR                    Indicates when a dead key is pressed
WM_DELETEITEM                 Indicates owner-drawn item or control is altered

WM_DESTROY                      Indicates window is about to be destroyed
WM_DEVMODECHANGE          Indicates when device-mode settings are changed
WM_DRAWCLIPBOARD           Indicates when clipboard contents are changed
WM_DRAWITEM                   Indicates when owner-drawn control or menu changes
WM_DROPFILES                    Indicates when a file is dropped
WM_ENABLE                        Indicates when enable state of window is changing
WM_ENDSESSION                 Indicates whether the Windows session is ending
WM_ENTERIDLE                    Indicates a modal dialog box or menu is idle
WM_ERASEBKGND                 Indicates when background of window needs erasing

WM_FONTCHANGE                Indicates a change in the font-resource pool
WM_GETDLGCODE                Allows processing of control input
WM_GETFONT                      Retrieves the font that a control is using
WM_GETMINMAXINFO           Retrieves minimum and maximum sizing information
WM_GETTEXT                      Copies the text that corresponds to a window
WM_GETTEXTLENGTH           Determines length of text associated with a window
WM_HSCROLL                       Indicates a click in a horizontal scroll bar
WM_ICONERASEBKGND         Notifies minimized window to fill icon background

WM_INITDIALOG                  Initializes a dialog box
WM_INITMENU                            Indicates when a menu is about to become active
WM_INITMENUPOPUP            Indicates when a pop-up menu is being created
WM_KEYDOWN                           Indicates when a nonsystem key is pressed
WM_KEYUP                                 Indicates when a nonsystem key is released
WM_KILLFOCUS                    Indicates window is about to lose input focus
WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK            Indicates double-click of left mouse button
WM_LBUTTONDOWN             Indicates when left mouse button is pressed
WM_LBUTTONUP                  Indicates when left mouse button is released
WM_MBUTTONDBLCLK           Indicates double-click of middle mouse button

WM_MBUTTONDOWN            Indicates when middle mouse button is pressed
WM_MBUTTONUP                 Indicates when middle mouse button is released
WM_MDIACTIVATE                Activates a new MDI child window
WM_MDICASCADE                 Arranges MDI child windows in a cascade format
WM_MDICREATE                   Prompts an MDI client to create a child window
WM_MDIDESTROY                Closes an MDI child window
WM_MDIGETACTIVE              Retrieves data about the active MDI child window
WM_MDIICONARRANGE          Arranges minimized MDI child windows
WM_MDIMAXIMIZE               Maximizes an MDI child window

WM_MDINEXT                      Activates the next MDI child window
WM_MDIRESTORE                 Prompts an MDI client to restore a child window
WM_MDISETMENU                Replaces the menu of a MDI frame window
WM_MDITILE                        Arranges MDI child windows in a tiled format
WM_MEASUREITEM              Requests dimensions of owner-drawn control
WM_MENUCHAR                    Indicates when unknown menu mnemonic is pressed
WM_MENUSELECT                 Indicates when a menu item is selected
WM_MOUSEACTIVATE           Indicates a mouse click in an inactive window
WM_MOUSEMOVE                 Indicates mouse-cursor movement

WM_MOVE                                  Indicates the position of a window has changed
WM_NCACTIVATE                 Changes the active state of a nonclient area
WM_NCCALCSIZE                  Calculates the size of a window's client area
WM_NCCREATE                            Indicates a nonclient area is being created
WM_NCDESTROY                  Indicates when nonclient area is being destroyed
WM_NCHITTEST                   Indicates mouse-cursor movement
WM_NCLBUTTONDBLCLK Indicates non-client left button double-click
WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN  Indicates left button pressed in nonclient area
WM_NCLBUTTONUP              Indicates left button released in nonclient area
WM_NCMBUTTONDBLCLK       Indicates middle button nonclient double-click

WM_NCMBUTTONDOWN Indicates middle button pressed in nonclient area
WM_NCMBUTTONUP              Indicates middle button released in nonclient area
WM_NCMOUSEMOVE             Indicates mouse-cursor movement in nonclient area
WM_NCPAINT                       Indicates a window's frame needs painting
WM_NCRBUTTONDBLCLK Indicates right button nonclient double-click
WM_NCRBUTTONDOWN  Indicates right button pressed in nonclient area
WM_NCRBUTTONUP              Indicates right button released in nonclient area
WM_NEXTDLGCTL                 Sets the focus to a different dialog box control
WM_PAINT                                 Indicates a window frame needs painting
WM_PAINTCLIPBOARD           Paints the specified portion of the window

WM_PALETTECHANGED         Indicates focus-window has realized its palette
WM_PALETTEISCHANGING     Informs windows about change to palette
WM_PARENTNOTIFY             Notifies parent of child-window activity
WM_PASTE                                 Inserts clipboard data into an edit control
WM_POWER                         Indicates the system is entering suspended mode
WM_QUERYDRAGICON           Requests a cursor handle for a minimized window
WM_QUERYENDSESSION       Requests that the Windows session be ended
WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE      Allows a window to realize its logical palette

WM_QUERYOPEN                  Requests that a minimized window be restored
WM_QUEUESYNC                  Delimits CBT messages
WM_QUIT                                   Requests that an application be terminated
WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK           Indicates a double-click of right mouse button
WM_RBUTTONDOWN            Indicates when the right mouse button is pressed
WM_RBUTTONUP                  Indicates when the right mouse button is released
WM_RENDERALLFORMATS      Notifies owner to render all clipboard formats
WM_RENDERFORMAT             Notifies owner to render particular clipboard data
WM_SETCURSOR                  Displays the appropriate mouse cursor shape

WM_SETFOCUS                           Indicates when a window has gained input focus
WM_SETFONT                      Sets the font for a control
WM_SETREDRAW                 Allows or prevents redrawing in a window
WM_SETTEXT                      Sets the text of a window
WM_SHOWWINDOW             Indicates a window is about to be hidden or shown
WM_SIZE                             Indicates a change in window size
WM_SIZECLIPBOARD             Indicates a change in clipboard size
WM_SPOOLERSTATUS           Indicates when a print job is added or removed
WM_SYSCHAR                      Indicates when a System-menu key is pressed

WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE        Indicates when a system color setting is changed
WM_SYSCOMMAND               Indicates when a System-command is requested
WM_SYSDEADCHAR              Indicates when a system dead key is pressed
WM_SYSKEYDOWN               Indicates that ALT plus another key was pressed
WM_SYSKEYUP                           Indicates that ALT plus another key was released
WM_SYSTEMERROR              Indicates that a system error has occurred
WM_TIMECHANGE                 Indicates that the system time has been set
WM_TIMER                                 Indicates timeout interval for a timer has elapsed
WM_UNDO                                  Undoes the last operation in an edit control

WM_USER                                   Indicates a range of message values
WM_VKEYTOITEM                Provides list-box keystrokes to owner window
WM_VSCROLL                       Indicates a click in a vertical scroll bar
WM_VSCROLLCLIPBOARD              Prompts the owner to scroll clipboard contents
WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED   Notifies a window of a size or position change
WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING Notifies a window of a new size or position



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